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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  November 8, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EST

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bye. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. if you don't watch mike huckabee, i'm going to hunt you down. i'm chuck norris. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> thank you, everybody. thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee from the fox studios in new york city. by the way, thanks to you, we continue to be the number one rated show on the weekend in cable news. thank you for watching it and making us the number one show and thank you, the one person in the audience who clapped. well, it has clearly been a tough few days for americans, especially the military with the tragic shooting in fort hood, texas, that left 13 dead and dozens wounded. we will be paying tribute to them later in the show.
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first, you just heard him issue a stern warning. this is a man you don't want to mess with. chuck norris is here on our show. also, would you want the federal government telling you how to raise your kids? how about an international court dictating what u.s. courts can do with juveniles? constitutional lawyer michael farris tells us why government healthcare isn't the only thing you need to be concerned about. and in an exclusive the former planned parenthood director once worked to help perform abortions. what happened to make her quit? we'll find out. >> ann jillian joins us, sharing her story and an inspirational song. we have a wonderful show for you. don't go anywhere or chuck will come and get you. let me tell you something you may not know. bill clinton was right.
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i know that shocks people to hear a republican like me say that. even when i disagreed with him, i always enjoyed a deeply personal relationship with him and frankly i still do. as they say in the maffia, our personal disagreements weren't percent fall, just business. there was a telling campaign in 2008 when in a moment of unrehearsed can dore burst out with a statement that has proven to make him right. >> give me a break. this whole thing is the biggest fairly tale i have ever seen you know, this weekend, president obama and nancy pelosi are strong arming the members of congress to vote on a bill that is over 2,000 pages long. most members of congress haven't read it and they don't understand it. for them to say it will give us all free healthcare and not just raise the deficit, that is a big fairy tale. you will pay taxes to cover the cost for three years before you even get benefits. that is like paying rent for three years before you get to
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move into your apartment. your promise that it won't bust the budget, that is a big fairy tale. you are told that it isn't about forcing us to pay for abortions but provisions in the bill do in fact insist that abortion be covered. terrorism misses to the contrary a big fairy tale. we were promised and open process that would be broadcast on c-span. instead the entire thing happened behind closed doors. a big fairy tale. we are told it will help people with cancer but you have to wait six months. we were promised there would be time to write in and ask questions and no new taxes on healthcare and it wouldn't ration the care that you get. a big fairy tale. there is so much more. but in this fairy tale we don't live happily ever after. this this fairy tale the big
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bad wolf does eat us. >> give me a break. this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i have ever seen. >> yep, bill clinton was right and it is time that we tell congress if they push this down our throats when the majority of americans don't want it. they need to take a good long look at the christmas decorations at the capitol this year because we plan to make sure it is the last christmas they are look at as members of congress. and that is no fairy tale. that is my view and i welcome yours. contact me at click on the fox news feedback link and there you will find links to make contact with the members of the house and senate. call, e-mail or write them today. i made it easy for you and put the links on your website. you can find the cities i will be visiting to find copies of my new book "a simple christmas." glad to have you here today. now, he told you that you
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better be watching. that was at beginning of the show. and for your sake, i hope you listened. he is thought to be the biggest and the baddest but is also one of the nicest men i know. joining us with his officially approved facts about chuck norris, ladies and gentlemen, chuck norris. how are you doing, chuck? >> doing great, thanks. >> good to see you. >> good seeing you, too. >> i was just talking about the speech. they love you out h here. i was just talking about the healthcare bill and i know you are not a big fan of the house h healthcare bill. >> not a fan of it at all. >> i wish that you could get your hands on it. i think you could do something with it. >> it would be great to choke it out. >> if the healthcare bill was a karate board what do you think you might do to the healthcare
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bill. >> maybe something like that there and right there and maybe just go -- [ applause ] >> what do you think of the healthcare bill? >> i'm not a big fan of it either but then again i'm not chuck norris. >> you can become chalk norris because you get a board, too. >> all right. now, you break the healthcare bill. >> what if i break my hand. >> just go through it. just think go all the way through it. you almost did it. >> okay. ing. >> you know, if i break my hand i will never speak to you again. but it's chuck norris. what am i going to do about it. >> there you go. oh! >> we had a little fun. you have a brand new book that is sort of a collection of all things chuck norris. tell me how in the world did
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this chuck norris joke thing get started? it is unbelievable. >> it started about four years ago. some college kid sent me several of these chuck norris facts and i'm reading and saying these things are pretty funny. from there the college kids caught on to it and it started going to the universities and colleges and then filtered down to the high schools and the middle schools and then went worldwide and i was getting chuck norris facts from africa and everywhere january the mill carry picked up on it. they were tucking their commanders to get me over there. theist would you have the veeps. i said i would love to as long as i can travel to camps and
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bases where media don't go. i went and visited 7 different bases and camps and over 25,000 troops over there. >> that is pharmaceutical. a lot of handshaking. >> every time i would sake their hand they would tell me a chuck norris facts and go to the outdoo outdoor connode. >> dealing with all the anyway, i wrote the 1 hundred 1 chuck norris facts. amazing wily, my 8-year-old twins are coming and said i have one and i said oh, this is nice, you know.
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finally my. he says i got one. >> i said what is it done? >> he says chuck norris eats bullets for break fast, watch out when burps. my daughter said, hey, i got it. i ride motorcycles, harleys and she says daddy, chuck norris rides a motor without the cycle. i put those in the book. >> and some of these are hilarious. i told one on fox and friends that superman wears chuck norris pajamas to bed. in addition to the opinion any things and fun chuck norris stories. there are a lot of points of wisdom that are encouraging. >> inspirational. >> inspirational points. >> after each one i tell a story. the first one is that chuck norris was bit by a cobra and
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after five days of excruciating pain the cobra died. and i had a scan where i had to grab a rattlesnake and pick it up and the snake rangeler had it there and i sneak up and grab it from the back of the neck and do the whole scene and now the director wants a take two and i go up to grab him a second time and he is ready this time and as i grab him he bites me on the hand and the blood comes squirting out of my hand and the director takes off running. i'm looking at it and i says to snake rangeler do you think there is any venom in there. he says you should probably go to the hospital and get checked. these are stories i talk about. >> the snake did die after he bit you. >> , i wish he had of but he didn't. >> we will get some serious stuff. it is really a lot of fun, the book and yet serious stuff including about your pro-am.
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>> chuck received criticism about the interpretation of the healthcare bill. specifically he pointed out how the government wants toen plow wednesday american families on raising their kids. we will be back, don't go away.
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we are back with chuck norris and joined by michael farris, u.s. constitutional lawyer and founder of the home school legal defense association and chancellor of patrick henry college. glad to have both of you guys with us today. chuck, just before the break we talked about healthcare bill and some problems with it. you wrote an article as you do every week for the word net daily and this got a lot of controversy because you made the allegation that in the healthcare bill there is a provision where the federal government can kind of get into our homes. >> that's right. >> tell me about that. >> you know, i had my attorney helping me decipher what the bill is all about because it is like reading a legal form and when started explaining that, i
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said that is ludicrous and i wrote this article about it and it was the most read article and i have been writing for over two years. it is the most read article i had to date read and people are really concerned about this. the government having the right to come right into our home and tell us how to raise our children. >> what was the basis upon which they could do that? i think that needs to be clarified. knock on the door and say hey, we are in the federal government. >> they say that they have to check and make sure that you are raising your children the way they feel would be the proper way to raise them. >> under the guise of healthcare. michaelle, your organization was one of the organization that did research on the healthcare bill and said hey, we looked at this. tell us what this provision was and how people got duped and didn't know t was there. >> chuck norris was right in his analysis of the bill. >> michael, chuck norris is always right. >> he's always right. good point.
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>> just to clarify here. but go ahead, i'm sorry. >> he was even more right than normal. the provision of the bills the way the federal government often does, they put mandates on the states. they require states to receive federal funding, to have the programs where the federal government says we are going to come into your home and teach you how to parent your children. the government doesn't know how to balance a budget, doesn't manage its own life very well is going to teach us how to raise children. coming to families with young children and moms who are pregnant and come in and offer the government oriented service on how to raise children which they don't know what they are talking about. >> how do they even approach that. there will be some skeptics that say where is that in the bill? >> google the relevant language if you look about health information for young children and families. it as 2,000-page bill and they keep haiging the serial numbers on it. i looked on the current version of the pelosi bill and it is still in there exactly the same
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way. they have the word voluntary in the preamble of the bill but not in the text. in the actual text of the bill there is a mandate on the states to offer the program and they don't tell the states you cannot make it mandatory. from the past that i have dealt with social services agencies and so on the federal government requires the states to do something and when the states are required they turn around and force families into the program. >> they will say this is actually to make sure that children are getting proper fed and they are getting a good night's bleep. >> good information is necessary. preventative healthcare. we want to make sure that the children are raised properly. >> and they are going to try to eliminate home schooling and charter schools and put them all into a public school system. we home school our children. it is prove than home school
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children are much better educated than, you know, than ones in the public school system. >> the only kid mckinley my state that ever scored a perfect 3200 on the sat was a home school kid. it was pretty dramatic and a lot of people in the education establishment say uh-oh. no one from any of our other schools had done that. >> the movement across the world has been to curtail home schooling. the socialist mindset is that we know better how to raise your families whether it is education or healthcare or anything. the socialist mindset that has taken over washington is we can do it and you can't do it without u.s. postal. >> they honestly weave, they are not bad evil people in their hearts but they are basing it on the idea that government is better. i want to continue this discussion when we come back after the wreck we have to open up an issue that could be huge
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and maybe just beyond big. and that is if you are concerned that the federal government telling you how to raise your kids is bad enough. how would you feel if some orders came from europe? our friends overseas think ought to be toll abouting their rules when it comes to funnishing.
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this week the supreme court is hearing arguments on two cases involving men who committed crimes when they were under the age of 18 and will rule whether or not it is constitutional for juveniles who commit heinous crimes to be sentenced to life without
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parole. the two cases are important. some of the cases are based and tough stories. give us an example. >> one involved a juvenile that raped a woman in her 70s. the prier case was a three teenagers grabbed a woman and threw her off a bridge and murdered her at random. they are hard facts but even harder than the facts are the laws being made and whether or not we will use international laws in the cases. the supreme court said international law is a guiding light for us and in this case coming up on monday they are trying to decide whether or not international law is binding. >> if they made this decision this would be unprecedented that the united states has used international law instead of our own constitution as the basis to adjudicate a case. >> amnesty international and a bunch of other organizations filed a brief argueing that because of customary
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international law the united states was bound already to follow the u.n. convention on the rights of the child that we haven't ratified as a country. i filed a brief opposing saying they have the international law wrong. more importantly, american law should govern america. >> some of our young people are lost souls in our country and we have to find a system to help get them on the right path. is what my risk start program is about, working withat risk children to h help get them on the right path, raising self-esteem and in stilling the discipline the kids are lack. that is what is wrong with so many kids today. they are lost souls and trying to make make a mark but the mark is in a devastating way. like the columbine. that is an example of kids who are lost that needed a right participant to get them on the
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right path in life. martian arts. i was a lot of soul growing up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father and the martial arts helped me. >> and it would be a different approach it get the kids and prevent the mindset. >> prevention is a key thing. >> now, it may be too late to prevent something and when we have kids adjudicated, applying international law, michael, tell me in a heartbeat what is the big deal, why should we be so concerned that the courts would reach out and pull an international judicial standard in to american law? >> article 1, section 1 of the u.s. constitution says all law is made by the constitution of the united states, by the congress of the united states. we fought the revolutionary war over the idea that westerns would make it. if the supreme court makes the law for us, if congress makes
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the law for us. it is best when our elected officials are making laws. not judges and not the u.n., not bureaucrats inure rap. it is americans make american law. >> before we go to the break, i want to make the point. if we open to international law. a lot of courts ruled parents don't have the right to apply a form of kiss plain. that would say evacuees are the -- not only can you not spank your children, you can't teach them that jesus is the only way to god because you have to teach them tolerance. and the u.n. idea of tolerance is to say all roads lead to god equally. we want to have freedom for every religion but we are not going to be forced by the government to teach our children that every religion is equally true. >> thanks for being here today.
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coming up in a huckabee exclusive. she worked at planned parenthood helping women end their pregnancies. not any more. we will ask abbey johnson we she left the abortion industry and what she is doing now. that's coming up next.
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this is america's news headquarters. i'm lauren sivan. the democratic controlled house passing historic healthcare legislation late saturday night. the narrow 220-215 vote clearing the way for the senate to begin debate on the issue. only one republican voted in favor of the legislation that would require most americans to carry insurance. it would provide federal subsidies to those who cannot afford it or are not covered by their employer. both consumers and companies will be slapped with penalties if they defy the government's mandates. the storm packing winds of 75 miles per hour. ida is expected to pass between mexico and cuba on sunday. storm shelters in the resort city of cancun are getting ready. ida could reach the u.s. gulf coast next week as a tropical storm. i'm lauren sivan in new york. we now head back to "huckabee"
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here on fox. >> we will be on the road aboard this great big bus. hard to miss it. come aboard and we will show you what we are doing. i'm glad to have you joining me on what is now going to be my home the next month. we are covering 6 64 cities in2 states between now and december 1st. we have a little kitchen area and place sit and work. nine bunks so all of us can get a little shut eye as we continue across america. i continue to do the "huckabee" report acostumes the country and i have a little studio built in so that i can record. i will let you peek in there. this is where i will be doing let me tell you if you want to know where we will be coming, go to
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a full list of the cities where we will be and the times. books available everywhere including amazon. you will enjoy the christmas story of a simple christmas but this trip is anything but simple. >> that is the case for sure. well, she helped numerous women get apportions but she is now a strong prolife advocate who helps lead protests at the very clinic she once worked for. please welcome former director for planned parenthood, abbey johnson. so nice to have you here? >> thank you. >> we asked planned parenthood to issue a statement and asked if they would like to be on and share their side of the story. they said planned parenthood respects everyone's believes on the personal medical issues and romans that any -- the focuses are on prevention. plaps
1:33 am
my honest assessment of that statement is they do prevent some things. they prevent birth, not illnesses. illness means you are sick. you are not sick when you having a babe. >> and did you feel the emphasis was even health dare and prevention of illness. >> a hoot of it is prevention of pregnancy and that is why i first got involved. >> getle -- shariy is why i got involved in it but i soon found that one of their goals was to make money. and the way they make money is to increase the number of abortions they do. >> bret: yo >> you were working assisting in an abortion and saw on an ultrasound the abortion
1:34 am
process. what did you see when the ultrasound was running and the abortion was taking place? >> i was called into the room to assist during the procedure and it was actually an ultrasound guided abortion procedure which is not that common in planned parenthood health centers because it is a longer type of abortion procedure and planned parenthood centers are trying to do as many procedures a day as they can and so they are not going to take a lot of time for each procedure. but for whatever reason this physician did decide to do an ultrasound guided procedure on this particular woman and so i was called in to help and my job was to hold the ultrasound abdomen.this woman's and so and when i looked at the screen, i saw a baby on the screen and she was about 13 weeks pregnant at the time and
1:35 am
i saw a full side profile so i saw face to feet on the ultrasound machine. and i saw the probe going into the woman's uterus and at that moment i saw the baby moving and trying to get away from the probe. >> moving away from the, oh, my. >> yes. and i thought it's fighting for its life. and i thought it's life. i mean it's alive. >> until that moment, aby, had it appeared to you that you were able to use words like fetus and tissue very different than when you saw the form of a child recognizable. >> that it was alive, um-h'm. >> did you say anything at that moment to the doctor? >> no, i mean my mind was racing.
1:36 am
my heart was beating so fast and i just was thinking oh, my gosh, make it stop. and then all of a sudden i mean it was just over just in the blink of an eye and i just saw -- i just saw the baby just literally just crumble and it was over. and i just -- i dropped the ultrasound probe and then i realized oh, my gosh, i'm not holding the ultrasound probe so i scrambled and i put the ultrasound probe back in place and so many things were going through m my mind and i was thinking about my baby who was three and thinking about housecraft chunking what am i doing here and i could just, i had one hand on this woman's
1:37 am
belly and i was thinking there is life in here and now there is not. >> you literally were holding your happened on top of her belly at that point. >> yes. >> and real idahod that that was yont need that hand a moment ago was alive and now it's gone. >> did the woman see any of this. it she have access to see the screen at all? >> shooting spree, she was is a if clinic workers saw what was happening on the screen they would be running out of those clinics. this is what the abortion industry does not want their workers to see. they don't want their workers to see what is actually happening during an abortion. that is why planned parent goode doesn't go -- i thought
1:38 am
many of them do abortion guide ultraprocedures. toe. >> h. think about what you have bon through and you must have walked away saying uh-oh, this is not what i want to be spending the rest of my life doing as a career. what was the next step you took? you were the executive directer of that planned parenthood clinic and yet you at any time know what was going on back in the back rooms in that standpoint. >> i went home that day and i and i went went home and talked to my husband about it. my husband is a teacher and we have a daughter and so we are dependent on two incomes so we decided that i would go back to work and i knew we had two weeks until we were going southerly abortions again so i had two peeks to find a
1:39 am
northbound. the percent week was eventful and then the next weekend came and the monday game and i was sitting in nye office thinking what am i going to do, i don't want to be here. >> what did they say when you said this is it,ism' leaving. >> i couldn't talk to anybody at the chainic because any didn't know what was ifing on in nye and now that they do know, planned parent hood put a restraining order out on me. >> i wish they would put a prestraining order on themselves and stop the horrible procedures that they are doing every day. abby johnson, thank you. you have a lot of courage to share your remarkable story. i hope it is a great reminder
1:40 am
that we also. >> god bless you, what a non-life-threatening story. coming up, actress, singer and motivational speaker ann. >> you are going love jillian. she is just a sweet heart. squeals be right back with me, tonight go away. @
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if you were to ask the same doctor are you suggesting then we could not have mammograms, i'm sure the same doctor with tell you absolutely not, i'm not suggesting that because mammograms are still the best screening that we can have for breast cancer. it doesn't work 100% for all
1:46 am
100% of the women that take it. but, the percentage that walk away if they find something and take care of it and then walk away having happy healthy productive lives is impressive. highly impressive. i wouldn't be sitting here today talking with you and talking to this fine audience ma'am mowot had that soo ladies, continue to have your mammograms. please have trust in the american cancer society because they strive to have great information. hugh can we make it better? how can we make this work better for all of us? so, please have trust, have faith in them and to what you have to do for yourself because as the special says, you're worth it. okay. >> and the diagnosis of cancer, particular breast cancer for a
1:47 am
woman is frightening enough. what gave you the ability to face that diagnosis, the surgery and not only to personallier is valuable information sear but then to be able to open your life up and let others in so that you could encourage them. i mean you were a survivor. that has been 25 years. you are a survivor and you have conquered more than just cancer but life. what is the word to taste women out there scared to death they will hear the word "cancer." faith, love, and a good sense of humor. and know that he he promised he would be with us every step of the way. what i tell you is eight out of ten lumps are noncancerous. do not go in to check yourself up and think that you are looking for disease. but, go and check yourself out to assure your wellness. and my mother who was a good
1:48 am
old fashioned lithuanian mother always used to say if you find early you can fix. >> one of the things that i have next week it will be veteran's day january' honor our veterans. many people don't know what the first person that brought the song "wind beneath my wings" to america was ann jailia jillianu did a on a bob hope spokes for the troops. would you kick and it and tell that as tribute to the troops. >> her words are inspiring but wait until you hear her singing. when we come back, ann jillian is going to perform "wind beneath my wings." we'll be right back.
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missed any part of tonight's show? log on to fox where you request check out past features and webbion chi suv material. >> this is the soldiers and sailors monument at riverside drive and 89th street in new york city. as we stand here at this monument and we also look forward to the next few days when we will observe veterans day here in the united states, we can't help but think back of the events of this past week in fort hood, texas. a tragic scene, 13 murdered. over 30 shot. and many people are debating whether the shooter was a terrorist or just a person who was deranged and had a moment in which he snapped. i think it is the wrong thing for us to be thinking about and focusing upon. there is plenty of time for that.
1:53 am
our thoughts, and our prayers and our focus should be on the fact that every day people put on uni formforms to serve this country and often go to places halfway around the world whose names they can't even preannounce to fight battles for us. they want them to be safe and at peace. that peace was disturbed last week. to the soldiers, we say thank you and god bless you. and we are back with ann jillian. let's close out the show with the beautiful version of "wind beneath my wing is."
1:54 am
♪ it must have been cold there in our shadows ♪ ♪ to never have sunlight on our face ♪ ♪ you were content to let us shine, you always walked a step behind ♪ ♪ so we were the ones with all the glory ♪ but you were the ones with all the strength ♪ ♪ face in a crowd ♪ we never once heard you
1:55 am
complain ♪ ♪ did you ever know that you're my our hero ♪ ♪ and everything that we long to be ♪ ♪ we could fly higher than an eagle ♪ ♪ because you are the wind beneath our wings ♪ ♪ is may have appeared to go unnotice ♪ ♪ because we have it all here in our heart ♪ ♪ we want you to know we know the truth ♪ ♪ we would be nothing without
1:56 am
you ♪ ♪ did you ever know that you're our hero ♪ ♪ and everything that we long to be ♪ ♪ we could flyer than an eagle because you are the wind beneath our wings ♪ you are the wind beneath our wings ♪ >> ann jillian. thank you, ann. god bless you. from all of us here, from all
1:57 am
of us here at "huckabee" thank you for watching. we'll be back with you next week. for all of our veterans, thank you and god bless you. from new york city, good night, everybody. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. ún
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